A Journal

This typographic book project was designed by first choosing a black and white image that had a “story.”  We were to write said story and design a book around both the image and the written story. The final product included information hierarchy, dynamic typographic voicing, and binding techniques.

The first concept for this project was to create a journal type book using the leather from a baseball glove as the cover.  The story or journal entries would have a handwritten look and have an almost scrapbook feel for authenticity.

Version One as seen here was busy, bulky and lacked a sequence that took the reader through the pages effectively. It was okay but not great and it did not have a sense of order and planning.

After attending a workshop at RIT towards the end of the term, I came back with new found inspiration to simplify and refine the existing book design. Version One was scrapped which included the baseball glove cover concept and in its place was a new layout that was more powerful and concise.

The pages of this book were now set on a modular grid. As Massimo said, “The grid is the underwear of the book.” The grid is not seen but it is hiding underneath the layers of design. Images of the baseball glove were used in conjunction with the images of the baseball players to tell the story from the baseball glove’s perspective as if it were a member of the team.