Design On Screen

This group project was a reinvention project for the non-profit foundation Design On Screen, an initiative for architecture and design related films.

The updated mark that follows aims to unify classic film with modern media. The play/pause symbol is a mark that is undoubtedly prevalent in modern culture. The symbol identifies with every technology based viewing device from the iPhones to the DVD players to the screen.

Core Values
Producing Promoting Preserving
Design On Screen is an innovative and collaborative organization that educates and builds relationships for the design community through film and new media.

Final Logomark
The shape of the video camera that the play/pause button creates represents the roots from which those buttons derived. We instantly connect the shape of a film camera to classic films, while the play/pause symbol connects to new media.The unison of modern and classic iconography allows the viewer to instantly process what the company represents, which has become especially important for engaging a younger generation.