#Gotta Wear Shades

“The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.” – Timbuk 3 

The future IS bright and I continue to apply what I have learned. I will always be learning and carving my way through the world while connecting to others that are as enthusiastic about design as I am.

I have deepen my passion and love for design and with the wise words from Massimo Vignelli:

“Love is timeless, being in love is ephemeral. The relationship between timelessness and the ephemeral is also the basis for the discourse on design. Our lives are ruled by this dichotomy. Timelessness and the ephemeral. It impacts everything. From choosing a utensil to choosing a whole piece of furniture. A choice based on timelessness will last a lifetime, but an emotion-driven choice will last only a few years. You have to filter everything that passes in front of you, everything you see.”

So let’s all put our sunglasses on and look to the bright future whatever it might be and whatever it may become. I know it will be bright for all of us.

Remember to post pictures of you in your red Gotta Wear Shades sunglasses.