On Us

We were to create for communication needs in new social environment with a new campaign with a parent company and in a three-dimensional solution.

On Us tackles the health of Americans and included the identifying of a campaign name and logomark.

Target Audience  
30 Somethings
The purpose of this package/campaign was to target 30 year old smokers because they have a larger chunk of their lives ahead that can be smoke-free. The possibility of their bodies making a total recovery from smoking is greater; therefore, a greater savings results for the

Blue Cross Blue Shield company and their customer.

How it Works
On the 30th birthday of a Blue Cross Blue Shield customer, he or she is sent a white box with one last cigarette.

The rest is up to them.

The recognizable iconography of the “no” or don’t symbol along with the smoking symbol were combined to give a more positive effective for the anti-smoking campaign of On Us and the smoker.

The symbols were combined and the Blue Cross Blue Shield blue color was used for ease of association.

The idea was to hint at the familiar symbols but to be more intuitive. Packaging was created around the final mark to represent “a gift to quit.” It was one last cigarette placed on a pedestal.

The idea was to encourage a 30 Something to finally quit smoking once and for all. To keep it or smoke it was placed on the recipient not an outside source. If kept, it would be a constant reminder that they did it and be held in a place of honor and as a reminiscence of the accomplishment.