USPS Extended

Future of The USPS
For this project our team designed a strategy for the ‘Future of The USPS’. We present a visual multi-page document that includes your discoveries, research and demonstrated expertise in project management, problem solving and design. This is a team project and semester-length development task. Our design solutions included the construction of functional models and/or prototypes.

USPS Economic Research

Main Problems:
• There is a secular, non-cyclical shift away from paper to electronic
• The current economic recession increases the rate of mail
volume loss.
• Loss of volume starts a downward spiral that is difficult to correct.
• Network fixed costs will not drop as fast as volume and revenue.
• There is a cap on price increases, but not on cost increases.

Economic Implications
The once indispensable role of the USPS in fostering civic discourse and facilitating personal communications (letters, cards and mailers) has been challenged by the Internet and mobile devices. With the increase of online shopping and e-commerce, packages will always need to in need and with the cost of said package, services for delivery can be sustainable. The problem lies in the letter, card, and bulk mail postcards.

The Solution

Prototype can be viewed here: