Vignelli Book

This assignment was to find a graphic designer, past or present, that inspired us or that we found interesting. Next we were to design a book that represents the designer’s flavor and discipline while using typography, grid, sequencing, color and layout.

The designer/designers that I choose was Massimo and Lella Vignelli. I had recently watched the movie Helvetica and fell in love with Massimo’s sense of humor and wit. It was my first and only choice.

The impact they have had in design as well as in my life was huge, from growing up with the Heller plates to the minimalist design that I was developing a passion for.

After I finished the book that follows, my teacher Fred Murrell encouraged me to attend a workshop with Massimo that summer at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where I worked one-on-one the Master of Minimalism himself.

We developed a wonderful friendship and I gave him a copy of the Vignelli book that I had created.

A online version is available online for viewing at